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David Sell
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Welcome to my site. Here you will be able to sample my writing in various forms. You will discover poetry, magazine articles, radio copy, business writing, books (non-fiction and fiction) and even a link to my blog. Explore, enjoy; and if you like what you see, or even if you don't, drop me a line through my contacts page.

The herdsman stands tall, the flock grazes in the shallows; A good day to dine.
On duty, on guard; a watchful mother. Her clutch: Generation Next


Kicking Against the Pricks

(Kicking Against the Pricks is my new blog, and here is the latest post)

An Apple to Savour

An apple is always an apple, but do not be too quick, do not race to harvest. The apple of young Summer, the apple of a blossom newly set, that apple is small, hard, and bitter on the tongue.
Stay your appetite, curb your urge, and Autumn will reward with fruit the size of your fist, fruit in abundance with an extravagance of deliciousness. Let the time, and the fruit, be ripe and the reward will be ready to be relished.
Since the apple cannot adjust to your timetable, you must adjust to the apple’s.
So it is with many things in life, not just apples.

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What's New? What's News?

I have finished a novella; 20,000 words with a target audience of young females. It's currently heading out and about, but finding either an agent or a publisher takes time. Stay tuned to see how it goes. And yes, I could publish it electronically on Smashwords, but this particular book suits hard copy publication.

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And the other news is: I am teaching myself Dreamweaver.