Whale Rock on Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia


In many ways, poetry was my first writing love and it still remains a strong focus of my writing. Here is my latest writing.


The Peeping Tom moon peeks through lace curtains,
gazing coolly on snuggled-up children.
Girls ride through forests on rainbow ponies;
Boys bluster in dangerous adventures.
In the kitchen, mothers clear the clutter
While fathers snore from lounge room chairs.

The dog whimpers. Chasing rabbits again?
Mice patter silently across the floor.
Don't touch that bait! Too late. Snap! 'Tis done.
Bones creaking, the house settles into night;
The hallway chime sweeps up the day's cares while
Stars wink and dance in slow cosmic circles.

All are in bed now, ev'ry weary eye closed;
Paths of golden brick lead to tomorrow.