Whale Rock on Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia



Writing Samples

I have been very lucky with my writing; it has, at various times, provided my income. This includes supplementary income from freelance journalism and full time income as the senior creative writer for radio and TV. I have written, and continue to write, a wide range of documents, real and virtual, and you will find samples of these here.

Born in New Zealand in 1962, I have been in Australia since 1987.

My working life has revolved around communication, with 8 years spent behind the microphones of various radio stations (including managing a country radio station for a while). I have also been a part-time freelance journalist since 1986, with many articles and books published in that time.

In recent times I have been employed by Local Government in Economic and Tourism Development roles for some of Australia's most inspiring regions: Flinders Island, Tumbarumba and the Snowy Valleys Way touring region.

I worked for more than 4 years as Senior Creative Writer for for Southern Cross Austereo. I won national road safety award for an initiative that made a positive and real difference to the safety on our roads.

I am also a public speaker and broadcaster, with 8 years behind the microphone of various radio stations and numerous speaking engagements (including conference presentations, speeches, tutorials, seminars, and workshops).

I have been a writer since the earliest of my days. By this I mean that I have always been writing something, often a couple of somethings concurrently. This has ranged from books and ebooks to poetry, and everything in between. One of the markers on my DNA is a pen and paper.

My passion is writing but the Minister of Finance feels that a writer's life doen't earn enough tax for the government! I am adaptable with a broad range of skills; leadership, management, marketing, communications, change management and unique ability to get the best out of people.

I see the internet having an increasing influence on our lives, especially for writers and publishing houses. It provides wonderful opportunities and huge challenges.

Outside my writing, I have been helping people achieve their dreams, but my main focus is now my wife and our three children. Life is hectic, inspiring but very rewarding for a writer, father and husband .

I also love photography and do what I need to to get the right shot.

And if I don't write creatively for a while I get cranky.